Friday, January 30, 2015

Amazing Art of Kentaro Nishino

Kentaro Nishino was born in 1980 in Kanazawa city, Japan. In 2003 he moved from Hawaii university to Academy of Art University, San Francisco, to study more about art. He grew up learning about animals from his father who was a guide to the Mt. Haku. When he was only a child he was fascinated by rare alpine flora and animals, and during his visits with his father in nature he started to appreciate and love nature.

He creates these beautiful paintings using air brush technique where animals and natural scenery is the main theme. He mostly uses air brush for his paintings which he says provides his work rich colors, realism and picturesque expressions that he desires in his work. For each of his paintings, he begins with a hand drawn sketch which he then turns into about a 100 templates that are used for applying colors layer over layer with precision a task that demands a lot of time and patience. To give his animals eye, fur and other important details he uses paint brush. 

"I would like people to notice such beautiful sceneries, and that there are animals on the verge of extinction...Animals in my work always have someone beside them. It may be a parent, a child, a brother or a friend. I always have family as a theme for my productions. Animals care for their children, brothers, and friends, just like us humans...I'd be glad if my work would inspire loving and compassionate feelings in people."

To know more about his work you can see his step by step creative process here. To view more of his artwork or to get updates on his new work, you can follow him on facebook.