Monday, November 2, 2015

Wings Print Scarves by Shovava

Melbourne-based designer Roza Khamitova, originally from Kazakhstan designs stunning scarves. Her scarves feature hand drawn bird feathers in bright and beautiful colors accompanied with intricate patterns. Each scarf, when worn as shawl around the shoulders gives an illusion as if the person wearing it has an awesome set of bird wings.

“I observe nature and find inspiration in the smallest details," artist's statement. "Maybe it’s a butterfly’s wing or the patterned cell structure of a leaf. Maybe it’s a feather or a raven perched on a tree limb. I take in what I see in the natural world and then create my pieces.”

Roza sells her gorgeous series of scarves on her website Shovava where you can also check out skirts and leggings by her. 

I featured her owl scarf previously here.