Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Two Year Old's Sketches Turned Into Beautiful Paintings

The Great Owl

The Elephant King

The Moon Bear

The Reindeer

The Bookworm's Dream

The Red Boat

The Forest

Ruth Oosterman is a self-taught Canadian artist who collaborates with her two year old daughter Eve in creating some unique and vibrant paintings. What started as an experiment now has bloomed into a great bonding experience between the two. Her daughter draws rough and abstract sketches with ink pen which are later given form by Ruth using watercolors.

It's interesting to read what was Ruth's inspiration in completing each of the sketches. For example: "I found this collaboration to be a little more difficult as I sat there for a ridiculous amount of time staring at her sketch without any inspiration. Finally, right before her nap, she started to sing the "Owl song" by one of her favourite children's bands, The Wiggles, which was all the inspiration I needed to start painting."- she shares on her website.

Ruth's work can be found at exhibitions and private collections world wide. She constantly strives to inspire and raise awareness amongst her audience on poverty, human trafficking and other significant world issues. She also tries to spread positivity and joy through her lighter pieces. You can check out her online store for originals and prints that are available to purchase.