Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Birdhouses by 100 Artists

"Owl Totem" by designer Tyler Segel of Factory North. The owl shaped birdhouse was digitally printed on plywood with a polyurethane coating and has a hook on the top for hanging.

I love this one! Santiago Uceda liked what he created for the WeMake poster (the Viking mask) so he thought it would be fun to create a birdhouse using a similar design.

"Final Roosting Place" by Katie Mello + Margaret Meyer

 “Bucky Blossom” by Blaine Fontana

Jennifer Reynolds crafted this birdhouse inspired by Swedish Stugas and Swiss Chalets.

 “Confess” by Todd Rolak feature flaming blue and yellow sparkles.

"Put A Bird In It" is an annual event curated by We Make for Design Week Portland. The pictures of the birdhouses above are from "Put A Bird In It" 2013 show in which more than 100 artists participated from all kinds of creative fields who made stunning birdhouses. All the birdhouses were part of a silent auction to support arts and music education for Portland Metro schools. 

These are only some of the birdhouses that I hand picked to share with you here. You can see details of these art of work in some up-close shots by visiting photographer Ethan Allen's flickr set.