Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Slastidolls by Inna

Inna is a very talented artist based in Czech Republic who creates hand embroidered toys. She uses natural fabrics like linen, cotton and felt in making of her lovely creatures. The owl and deer sown above are from the series "Friends from the forest" and the bird, mouse and dog are from "Luna and friends" series. I love how she uses different fabrics for creating different body parts of the animals - linen is generally used to make the body, and plain or polka dot fabric for the feet or horns. At the end, careful and delicate hand embroidery stitches give the facial features to the characters and bring them to life. 

Inna has an online store under the name of Slastidolls where she sells her handmade toys, dolls and other hand-embroidered accessories.