Thursday, April 16, 2015

Birds Graffiti by L7M from Brazil

Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins who goes by the name L7M was born in São Paulo, in 1988. Since he was a little boy he had a wonderful relationship with art, he participated in many contests and won awards. He got introduced to spray paint when he was 13 years old which opened up a whole new world for him. Ever since he has been experimenting with different techniques and materials like china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic.

"Everything generates the chaos, since the mixture of outlooks and feelings to the materials and medias utilized. The revolt by the human sorrow, the beauty of life, the city's disarray, the neglect and the surroundings, all this things transposed and influencing the works of this artist, who evolved with all his feelings focused in the street art." 

L7M has a distinctive style that can be identified with the splash of colors and geometric patterns. His bird series is beautiful, formed with dark lines and bold color used to fill in the detail. Each bird is a combination of urban art and nature. I am in awe by how expressive these feathered friends are, I mean look at those faces and eyes. They appear so real! Some of the pieces shown here where photographed on the streets and some are works on canvas.