Friday, March 20, 2015

Fairytale Inspired Photography by Anita Anti








Anita Anti is a Ukrainian photographer who currently lives and works from New York. She specializes in creating surreal scenes inspired by fairytales from all around the globe and fantasy. Her beautiful portraits of women who transformed into magical beings and animals in the forest create some stunning images. The combination of elaborate costumes, props and make up allows her to capture an imaginative world. I adore the faces of both the model and the owl in the photo at the top, they work so well together. 

"Usually I try to come up with an idea first, think over all the details: decorations, costumes, location and model. I try my best to control the whole process. Sometimes I do stuff like decorations and costumes myself, sometimes I collaborate with different creative people." 

These photographs are available as prints on DeviantArt. If you want to learn more about what happens backstage during the shoots, you can join Anita Anti on Facebook where she shares videos of her photo shoots.