Monday, February 23, 2015

Art on Mushroom

Ildikó is an artist from Pula, Hungary who paints on shelf mushroom also known as Tinder Fungus. Another awesome thing I learnt about today, I didn't know you could paint on mushrooms!

"Tinder Fungus, are a tree fungus that grows on dead or wounded trees in any woodland. Working with nature's canvas is a long process, which can take months of preparation. Each one is unique in size and shape, with wonderful natural features that inspire. They are wood like and very durable, natures design to last a lifetime and beyond." - from the artist's online store.

Her painting are often inspired by nature and animals. The owl painting on the mushroom shown above is filled with amazing detailing, especially the reflection in the owl's eyes which puts life into the painting. You can join her on facebook where she updates about her new artwork and special discounts. She welcomes custom orders, you can contact her with a picture of your favorite animal, your pet or a place to create something unique for you.