Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Amazing Wire Sculptures by Helen Godfrey

Helen Godfrey is a self-taught sculptor who currently lives in rural Dorset. She specializes in creating amazing life like sculptures drawing inspiration from her surrounding wildlife. Helen initially began using galvanized wire for her papier mache work, for which she won a bursary from Dorset Arts and Crafts in 1997. Her work exhibited in garden openings and craft exhibitions. Slowly, she shifted to making wire sculptures when people showed more interest in the wire shapes than papier mache itself.

Her wire sculptures gained popularity among the masses and started to appear at garden openings in UK as well as in abroad. Her work featured in publications such as The English Garden magazine and Dorset magazine. She has created a whole menagerie of animals including owl, hare, elephant, badger, chicken, fox, birds and many more. It's truly amazing that these real looking animal sculptures are made with galvanized wire which is a challenging material because of it's strength and lack of flexibility. 

To learn more about Helen and her work visit her website, and to get updates on her new work you can follow her on facebook.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love the owl with wings stretched out. Very inspiring!

Barbara said...