Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Artwork of Kevin Stinehart


"Palmetto Tree"

"Pit bull"

"Etz Chayim"Hebrew for "Tree of Life."

"Birds on Wire"



Kevin Stinehart is a mixed media and woodworking artist based in Greenville, South Carolina. He creates eco-friendly artwork constructed from salvaged wood, paper, found objects, and discarded books that he procures from local farmers, ranchers, dumpsters and burn barrels. 

"I have found that in life some of the most striking beauty is found in the discarded and broken things. I strive to mirror that same hope in the art that I create. While the end result should be a thing of aesthetic pleasure, the ultimate goal is always redemption-- something new from the old, something lovely from the rubbish, and in each of us, and in all things, another chance to be made beautiful." - via

He has an online store on Etsy where he sells his original pieces, greetings cards and ornaments. Check out this video which gives you a glimpse at his process in making the art.