Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kim Taylor Stunning Sequential Photography

An owl is pictured landing on a wooden post in a Surrey garden

A squirrel is captured jumping from branch to branch using eight images taken at 40 millisecond intervals

A Welsh pony and her rider are photographed galloping at half second intervals

A European robin takes off from a wooden post as the sun sets in Surrey

A white cat, named Pyramus, leaping from a chair onto a table, taken at 50 millisecond intervals

Long eared bat flying 

A cat rolling in the air and landing flat on its feet

A cockchafer beetle, otherwise called a may bug or spang beetle, is captured flying around the garden

Kim Taylor a photographer from Surrey is also an animal lover who photographed animals moments from one place to another with stunning details. What just might seem like an ordinary event such as a flight by an owl, Kim using a photographic technique called "Sequential Photography”and his homemade equipment captured everything from the first beat of the wings. Sequential Photography is an amazing art in which you can show multiple images of a moving object in a single image.

He said: "I didn't have any special equipment at the time so I had to design and build a special unit for the job. This required generating dangerously high voltage - 3,500 volts - and storing the energy in a bank of special and very heavy capacitors. The resulting equipment has three flash heads that flash simultaneously and produce nine flashes at rates varying from 2 per second to 500 per second."