Thursday, December 11, 2014

18 Christmas Owl Ornaments

[1. GrannyKstreasures, 2. Jay Strongwater, 3. Christopher Radko, 4. NorthwoodsCarvings, 5. Kate Barnett, 6. Jamali Garden, 7. Ikea, 8. Glak Love, 9. PaintMyDream, 10. Gisela Graham, 11. Lenox, 12. NozomiCrafts,  13. Tea Pea, 14. EziBuy, 15. BooKeeSue, 16. Anthropologie, 17. PoofyDove, 18. Ikea]

Last week, I shared a round up of DIY Christmas ornaments. Today, I've prepared this post by gathering my favorite Christmas ornaments from the wonderful online stores in case you have been procrastinating and need last minute help. This feature is a great mix of ornaments handmade by artists and quality ornaments that can be ordered online to get them delivered to you at your door step. Just look around and see if you like something to decorate with. There's still time!