Thursday, September 18, 2014

Postcards for Ants: A Miniature Painting A Day Project by Lorraine Loots

Cape Town based artist Lorraine Loots creates incredibly detailed miniature paintings everyday day of a year. The project is called "Postcards for Ants" started in 2013, after receiving a great success the artist decided to continue it for a second year. The phase is inspired by Cape Town which is designated as the official World Design Capital of 2014.  She welcomes you to contact her to book her next surprise painting through her website, and she has printed five limited edition postcards for each day. 

You must watch the video above to learn more about her project and the inspiration behind it all. 


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Gorgeous! Some are hyperrealistic even, wow! And I really enjoyed the video as well.

Robyn Stewardson said...

Just wonderful! I love them all. Keep up the amazing work, Lorraine. ;o)

My Owl Barn said...

Lorraine's work is exquisite! Thanks for stopping by guys :)