Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Owl Inspired First Birthday Party

This beautiful owl inspired birthday party proves that black is not only for halloween. Mom collaborated with Party With Chloe for her daughter's first birthday party choosing owl as the primary theme. The not-so-common color scheme for a girl's birthday party consisted of black and white which is balanced perfectly with a pop of bright colors here and there. And, the use of glamorous warm gold brings sparkle to the party. I like the diversion from the usual pink. You?

From Style Me Pretty: "My daughter Nayun’s 1st birthday was held at Ritz Carlton Hotel, Toronto. The staff was amazingly hospitable and food was great. As a mom and as a party stylist, I wanted to make her 1st birthday very special.

The main concept of the party was Scandinavian owl. Like a modern Scandinavian kid’s room, I wanted to style the party as Chic and Cute – using bold patterns, little lux touch of gold and vivid color accents, warm felts, natural plants and cute owls. My two girls were dressed with Scandinavian designer’s black dress and black hats to match with the party. Sharon from Bloom Cake Co. made a birthday cake, matching cupcakes and cake pops and those were absolutely beautiful and of course tasty!

As a Korean traditional ceremony, during “Doljabi” for 1st birthday party, the baby is propped up at a table of various foods and an assortment of objects and urged to pick up one of the items. It is believed the item the baby picks up symbolically foretells his or her own future or would influence his or her fate.

For examples money means wealthy, traditional book means scholar, five color threads means artistic skills, horse medallion means high ranked government officer and stethoscope means medical doctor. During Doljabi ceremony, Nayun wore Korean traditional dress and picked yellow thread. She may become a famous designer one day!

In the theme of my princesses’ black hats, we hired famous kid’s magician Tricky Ricky. Everyone had a fabulous time!"

You can find more pictures and the details on the vendors at Style Me