Monday, September 29, 2014

Bird Sculptures Made From PVC

Nelson and Lorna Forest from North Central Florida is a super talented duo who have been creating these lovely bird sculptures from PVC pipe for over 12 years! Yes, you read that right. These birds are made using PVC pipe.

Why they chose PVC to make the bird sculptures?
"We found making sculptures with PVC pipe allows us to give our sculptures a 3 dimensional aspect. We also found that the PVC also mimics the movements of the real bird as it will sway in the wind. We strive to make our sculpture as real and life like as the bird we portray."

The process begins with a drawing which is then formed into a 3D sculpture with the help of simple tools like jigsaw, sandpaper and different heat sources to achieve different poses. The birds have a very light and delicate quality that if you see them without the knowledge of the material used, you can't guess they are to be formed with a mundane material such as PVC. To see more of their birds, visit their website.