Wednesday, August 27, 2014

KinderGlo Portable Rechargeable Night Light

Portable rechargeable night lights by KinderGlo is a collection of nine playful characters - owl, t-rex, brontosaurus, dragon, bear, elephant, hippo, moon and angel. 

These portable lights measure 4.75" x 4." x 4" and come with a charging station which makes it easy for the little ones to carry them around without having to be worried about running out of batteries. Once charged the lamp lasts for 8-10 hours of continuous light. The cool LED lights are safe to touch and the use of non-toxic materials makes them a perfect buddy for your kid to cuddle with in the bed or use them as a flashlight during nighttime bathroom trips. 

With a single button you can choose from two light settings, you can either select continuous cycling of changing colors or solid red, blue, or green. The other great feature is the option of keeping the light on all night or having it turn off after 30 minutes. They'll make a fun birthday gift! They can be ordered online from here.

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