Thursday, August 14, 2014

Award Winning Artist Carter Goodrich

Carter Goodrich is a Los Angeles artist who creates illustrator for children's books, editorial illustrations for magazines and character designs for animated movies. He started his freelance career in 1983 in a shared studio space with his friend and fellow illustrator in the New York City. So far, he has designed seventeen covers for the New Yorker magazine and has worked as art director/character design for the popular movies like "Finding Nemo", "Monsters Inc.", "Shrek", "Open Season", "Despicable Me", "Brave" and more. For his work in the these movies he has been nominated and won  International Animated Film Society’s Annie Award for character design for "Ratatouille".  

The above shown are some of the characters that I picked out from his website to share with you all here. Visit his website to view more of his work, it's so cool to learn the creator behind some of my all time favorites.


Iris said...

I love the owls and rats.