Thursday, July 10, 2014

Make Up Bags by Anda Panda

I discovered these fun and sweet make up bags by Anda Panda a brand started as a craft and illustration project in 2005 in Barcelona. The Japanese style inspired bags are hand made from cotton fabric and printed with animal illustrations in vibrant eco-friendly inks. There are total of eight designs to choose from including owl, cat, badger etc. The bag measures 20 cm x 16 cm which is ideal size for storing make up, brushes and other stuff. Also, they are great while traveling to keep your passport, travel documents, ear phones, small notebook and more in one accessible spot. 

Apart from make up bags they also produce pencil cases, gadget cases, plushies and bibs. They ship their products worldwide.


Teresa Kasner said...

Cute bags! I think I'm a bag-aholic.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)