Friday, May 2, 2014

Fornasetti's Scented Candles Giardino Segreto

'Giardino Segreto' in Italian translates to 'secret garden' is the brand new scent from Fornasetti Profumi. It's the fourth scent from Fornasetti Profumi with a fusion of fresh herbs & foliage. The candle holder features Barnaba Fornasetti’s well-renowned motifs of balustrades and owls nestled in lush emerald foliage. The candles come in two designs - Giardino Segreto and Balaustra in small and large size. The ceramic holders come with a lid which helps to keep the scent longer, and when the wax is exhausted can be reused as a beautiful holder. All of those who are in the US, these products can be ordered from here.