Monday, May 19, 2014

Charley Harper Decorative Tiles by Motawi

{"Family Owlbum","Tree to Tree", "Upside Downside", "Hare"}

Motawi Tileworks partnered with Charley Harper Studio that is currently run by Charley's son Brett to create this collection of hand-crafted decorative tiles. The new series of decorative tiles is based on Charley Harper's world renowned whimsical work that was also blogged  more than a few times here in the past.

{"October", "Ladybug", "Gregarious Grosbeaks", "Cardinal"}

Charley Harper's mid-century inspired minimal graphic style and Motawi's years of expertise in tile-making technique produced stunning tiles that are sure to be cherished for many years. Each tile is handmade at Motawi's Ann Arbor, Michigan studio, and comes with a signature of the tilemaker and a notch for easy hanging. Starting at $33 a pop these tiles are a steal! You can find the designs shown in the post and more here.