Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kandice Keith

The Prowl Family

Oswald & Oh Deer


Taking Charge & Jed

Letting Go

Kandice Keith is a contemporary acrylic painter currently living in Squamish, BC. She started painting with acrylics in 2002 but she was always passionate about the art since her childhood. 

She attended numerous workshops and observed other artists to make progress in her work. "It seemed to open a new door for me, my movements became more intuitive, and instinctive - each brushstroke requiring intention. Ultimately I was able to become more detached from the outcome, allowing me to take bigger risks. In the past I was overworking my pieces and now I was able to bring them to conclusion.  My favorite moment being at the end of a piece when I define their personality and character by finishing my subject's eyes."

Her artwork is inspired by her daily surroundings such as birds and even bears that are not unusual for her to see in her yard, and cows that she can hear in her home studio from a farm next door. To view more of her artwork you can visit Daily Paintworks.


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It's a great blog. Very inspiring :)