Monday, March 3, 2014

Eerie and Delightful Creatures by Jessica Joslin

Mixed media artist Jessica Joslin creates these bizarre looking creatures from bones and found objects from junk shops – light fittings, chandelier parts, decorative sconces, radiators and gas lamps. The sculptures have a dark element to them because of the usage of bones but inspite of that these creatures look very much alive, some even look as if their picture has been taken while they play, happy as a lark despite their lack of flesh. 

“I don’t think of what I’m doing as dark, necessarily,” she says. “Death is inherent in the work because of the bones, of course. But I see the work as part of the love for the living creature – and if they’re going to have a life after death, I want it to be fun.”  

Jessica gave a great interview to Bizarre Magazine here which you must read if you have more questions like - where does she get the bones from?, how she puts all the odd pieces together and much more.