Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cool Playground

What kid wouldn't like to play in this cool playground! Monstrum is a design firm specializing in making playgrounds for kids. They created this amazing playground for Kristinebergs Slottspark in Stockholm in collaboration with Nivå landskapsarkitektur.

The playground is covered with all sorts of wonderful structures of mushrooms, beetles, ants and flowers but it's the 5 meters tall pair of owls that is the real king and queen of the playground. The two owls connect with a tunnel and consist of the large slide area with large and small slides for kids of all ages. There are different levels, stairs and ladders that make the inside of the owls. The feature the kids will love the most is the light in the eyes of the owls that glow in the dark! Want more fun? Simply press a button to activate the chimes on the queen owl. This sounds fun! Doesn't it?

Thanks, Ruth O'Brien.

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