Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Midori Takaki

Midori Takaki is a ceramist born in Japan now working from Canterbury, England, UK. Her ceramics are inspired by her childhood imagination, memories, feelings, thoughts and stories, "I call them my journal. I am writing in ceramics" she says. Her thoughts found life through her ceramic sculptures of animals, owls, rabbits, and human figures and masks.

"By doing that, I file the information, which is, otherwise, difficult to classify, in drawers in my brain. I could bring every nuance and detail of my memories, stories, emotion and thoughts, back to life vividly when I see each sculpture."

She has participated in solo and group exhibitions. Her work can be seen currently at the exhibition Dealers' Vaults at Mascalls gallery, Paddock wood, Kent till February, 22. Visit her website for more information and her online gallery to view more of her work.

'Empress & Angel II'

'Dawn & Dusk'


Midori said...

Thank you so much for the featured article! : )