Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Book: Owl Babies by Martin Waddell

It's been a while since I posted a full feature on a book but I am super excited about the one I am sharing with you here today. Owl Babies by Martin Waddell is a children's picture book which was first published in 1975. The plot is really simple, it's a story of three baby owls who wake up all worried when they don't see their mom who left for hunting in the night. This gentle, sweet tale of baby owls who fear if their mom will come back home is illustrated so-well by Patrick Benson. He did a marvelous job in making every page of the book a delight. 

The story takes place in the night, a apt setting for the nocturnal beings who are primarily active in the night. The text and the images are illustrated in light yellow, green and turquoise colors which makes everything pop against the dark textured background. The characters are all realistic with distinctive personalities. You feel emotional when the white baby owls are anxious in the absence of their mom and rejoice with them when they are skipping in joy upon the mom's return.

It's an adorable book you'll love to read as much as your kids will love to hear. It's available in many formats, you can order a hard copy or download it now for a bedtime story from here.


Unknown said...

My mom used to read this book to me all the time! It's probably the thing that first made me love owls so much :)

Unknown said...

My mom used to read this book to me and my brother and sister all the time! I basically have it memorized. I credit it as the beginning of my love for owls.

Penny Watson said...

I read this to my son quite a bit when he was little. He was obsessed with owls, and he LOVED this book. He even spent a lot of time listening to owl songs on the Audubon DVD. It was so cute!

Iris said...

I read this book recently. I saw it at a local library and picked it up since I liked the cover art. It was a cute book.