Friday, February 28, 2014

Birds with Hairdos - Coiffure le Bird

Coiffure le Bird is a series of bird portraits with fancy hairdos. It's a collaboration between photographer Rene Mesman and Dutch postproduction specialists at Souverein Weesp, who worked on the photoshoot for shampoo and conditioner commercial for blonde, brunette and redhead. I believe they very much succeeded in their objective to create something that could get people's attention. And why not, how many of us have seen an owl in long extensions?

"The quirky collection consisting of an owl, a crow and a falcon allows one to take an objective look at the lengths that people go to look a certain way. The images put the tedious task of adding extensions and getting your hair blow dried and styled into perspective. How would other animals react to our grooming habits if they could talk?"