Monday, January 6, 2014

Little Wolf Art: Animal Battle

Sargeant Owl

Battle Raccoon

Archer Bunny

Ring-Tailed Cat

Giraffe Scout

Striped Hyena

Maryanna Hoggatt is an illustrator and artist born in Philippines is currently living in Portalnd, Oregon. She attended Pacific Northwest College of Art and she created comic mini-series and has been showcasing work in galleries. Her clients include Nike, Skullcandy, Microsoft, & Redbull to name a few. 

Her latest series "Animal Battle", "is a fantastic narrative of beasts of all species dressed in colorful costumes and grasping wooden swords, all painted in painstaking detail with a wonderful vintage feel." Each animal is illustrated with a distinct personality and expression. To view all the army animals go to her online store from where you can buy her prints starting at $20!


Heidrun said...

Love it ... Thank you for posting.