Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cut-Away Leaf Artwork by Lorenzo Duran

Lorenzo Duran Silva is an artist from Guadalajara, Spain who creates these incredible sculptures out of fallen leaves. Inspiration can come from anywhere and for Silva it came from a caterpillar, he shares: "I was inspired by a caterpillar and how it was eating a leaf and I thought, "What if I try to cut out drawings on a leaf?".

He collects leaves from his garden, washes, dries and presses them before he starts to sketch out patterns on each one. The intricate designs gradually appear as Silva gently cuts away the leaves using a sharp knife. His pieces can take anywhere from a week to two months to complete and sold for £2,400 ($3,725).

Silva worked with Soaçao Sa Acao Solidarity Movement creating beautiful cut-away leaves artwork for the 'Much More Than Trees' campaign.  


Misty Star said...

These are amazing!