Friday, October 11, 2013

Urban Cake Lady

I'll wrap up this week with the beautiful street art by Urban Cake Lady an artist from Melbourne. I love the two frequently appearing subject matters in her work - animals and a woman in zebra tights, red hoodie with her head down and her legs crossed.

Artist's shared about the red riding hood in this interview: "Her character really resonated with me from the first one I made of her, it’s been something I can relate to, and something I’ve put a lot of love into. I’ve been actively making goals, and trying to challenge myself, so i can keep improving – and I’ve been loving every second of it.

They’re self portraits in way, but only in the sense that, physically, it was me under there for the photo – but I see her more as a character that I create and explore, not just sticking up paintings of myself all over the place.

She doesn’t have my face underneath the hood, so people can fill in those unknown details themselves."

Have a great weekend,

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