Thursday, September 26, 2013

Studio 56th Studio: The Owl Chair

'Magic boy chair" and 'Magic owl  chair'

'Caricature as Furniture', 'Familiar Faces' and 'Tribute to The Beatles' (not shown) are three series of chairs designed by Thai design firm 56th Studio featuring whimsical, comical and famous pop culture figures. My favorites are Magic Owl Chair that's inspired by Hedwig the owl and Magic Boy Chair which is based off Harry Potter with  a thunderbolt scar on the backrest, both are from 'Caricature as Furniture' collection. Aren't the owl feathers on the legs just incredible! "Every detail is carved solely by hand, yet the result is rewarding. Hedwig gives a romantic folklore touch to any space."

'Gaga Chair'

'The Simpsons set'

The four yellow chairs are based off the famous animated TV show - The Simpsons with vivid and distinctive characteristics of the family, so that you can easily recognize which is Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Bart. Like, that small stool is the Lisa chair with spiky yellow design that resembles her hair or the Marge chair, with super high fluffy beehive. 

The bold chairs come in three colorways - yellow, black or white, and are customizable. You can choose if you want it upholstered or not, color of the backrest material and the kind of wood. For any product related question or to place an order go to their website.

'Grace Chair'

'Supermodel chair'