Monday, July 1, 2013

July Desktop Wallpaper and Calendar

{Download it with or without the dates}

Happy new month everyone! I can't believe it's already July, the first half of the year is gone! If you have been reading my blog regularly then you must have noticed that I have been sharing desktop wallpapers and calendars on the first day of each month. Simply because it's fun! This time I created this desktop wallpaper using few of my current favorites - of course owl, words 'keep calm and carry on' and the chalkboard texture, all combined in one. 

Download the desktop wallpaper without dates:

Download the desktop calendar with dates:

Thanks to all the wonderful people who made the sources available in making the desktop wallpaper possible. I found chalkboard background from here, font from here and the owl image from here.


Iris said...

Love this and thank you. I'll be using this on my laptop.

Caro said...

I am missing the August Desktop Wallpaper! Will there be one?

My Owl Barn said...

@Caro My schedule has been super hectic so I couldn't get around to creating a desktop wallpaper for August. Sorry!

However, check the past posts on (non dated)desktop wallpapers at