Monday, June 17, 2013

'Flat Pets': Silly or Not?

'Flat Pets' by Garudio Studiage is a range of cardboard cut-outs of the animals which you can keep with you in an apartment without the fuss. I am not sure if I am completely on board with the idea so I need to hear what do you guys think about the 'Flat Pets'. I discussed this with my friends in the States and they told me that people once kept rocks as their pets. Amazing! In India (where I am from originally) this concept is completely unheard of or will most likely be considered silly. 

If you have any experience with flat or rock pets then I am curious to learn your views. Could these adorable screen printed animals be a solution to those who are allergic or have very little time in their day?


Iris said...

I think they're cute and would make a neat gag gift. If these were available here, I'd get a few owl and bird ones to put up.