Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Animal Shaped Makeup Kits

'Icons' are the sweet animal shaped make up kits by Deborah Milano. Each animal holds shades of eye shadow, compact powder, blush, bronzing powder, lip gloss, applicator and a mirror. These 'Icons' are perfect to give as a gift or collect for yourself. Available in several designs including - owl, bunny, bear, turtle, butterfly, pig and more.

I couldn't find any website which delivers the makeup kits to the US. So, if you do find one which ships internationally then please share by leaving a comment below.


Iris said...

Those are perfect. I love the bird ones. I wish they did ship to or were available in North America.

Misty Star said...

That's too bad, I would get an owl one in a heartbeat.

Cielo said...

Aww. So cute. I'd love to have one :)))

Miss Cielo

Emma (Sugar Cane) said...

Hi :D This online store does ship to the USA but I can't find the Icon colection ther yet !!