Friday, March 29, 2013

Owl Themed Twins First Birthday Party

This is my first post on owl themed birthday party hosted for twins. Kelly Brantley the mother of the twins hand made almost everything by herself to go with the whimsical theme of the party. She shared: "I LOVE owls, so I couldn’t wait to get started planning a “Look WHOO’s ONE” themed 1st birthday party for my twins, Matthew and Molly. Plus, it was the perfect gender-neutral party theme!" She hand painted the pots with polka dots to display flowers and goodies to match the adorable owl cake.

I adore the idea of an inexpensive tree decal decorated with wooden signs and printable owls.

The Owl Oreo pops are my favorite. They look insanely cute and I can bet they tasted delicious too!

She created the birthday banner, water bottle labels, bubble labels, birthday party hats, and  party bunting which was 30 feet long!

To see more images and for vendors' details to go Kara Party Ideas.