Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Helen Musselwhite: Ghost Owls

'Ghost Owl'

'Ghost Wood'

'Ghost Butterflies'

'Ghost Fox'

'Ghost Owls'

'Ghost Hare'

'The Ghost of Love'

'The Ghosts' is a commissioned collection of paper cut artworks created by Helen Musselwhite for Chewton Glen Hotel's eco treehouses. I have blogged about her amazing owls in the past here. Her intricate work  featuring woodland creatures and forest scenery with fairy tale elements still remain my favorite!


Unknown said...

Wow!!!!! Yes, I remember you posting about her cut paper art work before and I've seen her featured all over the internet. It's no wonder since her cut paper art pieces are so magical an amazing. Thanks for sharing this project of hers. The owl is so wonderful.