Friday, February 15, 2013

Eco DIY Collection: Eduardo Alessi

Eco DIY Collection by Eduardo Alessi an Italian designer is a series of products that are made with recycled cardboard sheets. Each item comes as a flat piece, pre-cut and perforated along with a set of simple instructions  These are easy to assemble without glue into clocks, lamps, pen holders, speakers and bookmarks. Once the products are put together, they resemble 5 different endangered species of animals - owl, elephant, giraffe, rhino and deer -  raising awareness about ecological issues. Available for purchase here.


Unknown said...

Wow. I love the design of these paper toys but they're also eco friendly and they raise awareness of endangered species----PLUS-----they are desk top or office toys!!!! Now, that's a win, win, win on all fronts. Thanks for posting about them, Shivani!

Unknown said...


Amanda said...

These are beyond wonderful.