Friday, January 18, 2013

Luna Light: Ceramic Tea Light Holders

Anna Perring is a ceramist based out of London, UK who handcrafts lovely ceramic tea lights that can be enjoyed all year round. Her collection of "playful pierced porcelain tea lights" are available in several designs like owl, bird, bunny, heart shaped pattern (which is perfect for someone special on Valentine's day that's just around the corner) and more. Each candle holder is clear and high fired to 1260 degrees so that the porcelain becomes translucent when lit from within and the throwing lines become visible, creating warm  light and whimsical atmosphere.

She explains [her work] as a balancing act between the head and the heart: 'My head wants a clutter free clear space to think in, my heart wants something softer and more fanciful and so the aim was to create unique ceramic lights for the design-aware individual... The patterns of light they scatter across a room have the quality of fairy lights (that I could never bear to take down after Christmas)."

Her products are shipped internationally. You can find more information and shipping rates on her website Luna Light.