Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oso Polar


Oso Polar is a doll maker and artist based in Moscow, Russia who has been hand making these insanely cute toys for more than 3 years now. Wildlife is her main inspiration and the primary subject matter of her work. "Animals are cute and I like the way they don’t need to speak to express their emotions" - I couldn't agree more. Her photography is as beautiful as her animals.

I can't stop admiring attention to detail and intricacy that went into crafting this amazing owl. You can find more of her lovely work on her Flickr gallery and her online store.


Jessie said...

Too cute! I was sad to see that it sold out. :-/

Unknown said...

Wow. This owl doll is amazing. It makes me so happy to see it. Thanks for finding it and sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Set up in front of the books I thought, it needs a pair of wire rim glasses :) my first thought after ohhhh so cute!