Thursday, September 20, 2012

Night Owl Baby Shower

Night Owl party styled by Vanessa Grant is filled with many lovely details. Looking at the beautiful final result, no one can say that this was all very last minute. 

She used christmas twinkling lights, stars, moons and earthy gender neutral tones of lavender, cream and dusty blue which complimented the theme of the party.

Vanessa shares: "...for the twinkle effect by tucking the bulk in a paper star punch lantern and bringing two pieces down behind the table. I created the "moon and stars" effect by clustering some paper pom poms, accordion balls and painted stars above the table as well." All this lends a dreamy feel to the party. For more party images and details go here.


sarah said...

Im totally swooning over this sweet baby shower! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Just a few more ideas owl books two of my favorites are " In my tree" isbn-978-0-8118-7052-8 and "Little owl" isbn- 978-1-4351-0108-1 . Hope these can be of help there are alot of owl books for baby and toddler that can be of help for learning for our kids latter on, I'm obsessed with owls right now , think it started back when i was a kid, but to have someone throw a baby shower for me like the one above WOW, now that would be way too cool.

QP said...

seriously so adorable