Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rachael Ashe: Altered Book Art

Rachael Ashe is a visual, mixed-media and altered book artist currently living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She uses old books mostly found at second-hand stores as a material to create sculptural assemblage collage. Scissors, glue, gel medium, an xacto knife, and a bone folder knife are some of the basic tools she works with to create the amazing altered books.

The above shown books are from the 'owl series' that includes snowy owl, long-eared owl, horned owl, and barn owl. Artist says: "Owls are enjoyable subjects to work with because they have more expressive faces than the average bird."

You can see more of her pieces on here and watch the following video to get a sneak peek of her incredible work.


Unknown said...

Wow. Just amazing. I love when artists alter books and create art out of them. These are jaw dropping gorgeous with the owls. Such fine detail in each owl.

Olivia said...

Fabulous! These look like so much fun to make!