Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Qatch: My Travel Toy

Qatch My Travel Toy make two-in-one toys that are perfect for your little ones to play with and for a cuddle at bedtime. These high quality play pillows are made of bamboo velour and organic cotton which keeps you cool when it is hot and gives you warmth when it is cold, making them ideal for babies and children. There are six huggable pet characters to choose from including owl, bear, elephant, dog, monkey and cat (not all of them are shown here). You can find the entire series here. They do ship internationally. 

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Unknown said...

These are wonderful. I want an owl pillow doll too! They do look very cuddly!

Unknown said...

Does anyone have an old one of these? My son has had one (affectionately called Owlie) since he was a baby. He has slept with it every night since. On a night away at a hotel it has inexplicably disappeared. Despite contacting the hotel several times it has never turned up. Hes been crying every night for it for the past month! Does anyone have a second hand one?

I'd gladly pay for it.