Thursday, August 23, 2012

Le Animalé: Animal Totems

Laura of Le Animalé is a sculptor from Raleigh, North Carolina who makes adorable handmade miniatures. Most of her animal totems measure under 2", each one taking hours of meticulous work.

"My creative process in either medium starts solely with deciding on which animals I want to make. Some translate nicely to 3D and some translate better to paper, so I make my decision based on that...With the clay, there are more steps that must be followed: after sculpting the clay must cure in the oven, then it is prepped for finishing, painted and varnished"

Artist's statement on her animals that are created full of spirit and personality: "I think it’s a result of how I see animals, coupled with my detail-oriented work style. Animals are cute, they’re comforting, they’re funny, clever, and full of personality. They each have their own energy and fun traits. I try to translate those characteristics in the details of each animal I make."

To learn more about her and her work read her interview here. You can view the entire range of her tiny sculptures here.