Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Garden Birds - Matt Sewell

Do you remember this post?

Our Garden Birds is a new book by Matt Sewell an illustrator and bird enthusiast that was released a few months ago in collaboration with Ebury Press. The book features 52 feathered friends drawn in enchanting watercolors by Matt accompanied by a little innovative description of each bird. I found the following review on Matt's website that explains what you should expect from the book.

"This is a beautiful little book that perfectly captures and brings alive the characters of 52 of our most familiar feathered friends through quirky, creative but very well-observed watercolours accompanied by amusingly written paragraphs celebrating the antics and habits of our garden birds.

Please be aware that this is not intended to be an identification guide or a technical bird book – it is more of a loving creative tribute written and painted by an artist / bird enthusiast who is clearly enchanted by the everyday encounters with birds as much as the less usual sightings, and wants to share these little birdy moments that brighten up everyday life. It’s not a long read, but isn’t meant to be – it began life as a weekly highlight on a blog before being collected for publishing, however once read it continues to be a book to dip into at any time and enjoy the little snapshots of bird characters. Although pocket-sized, it’s a perfect art coffee table book too, my copy has pride of place!

All in all, it’s a lovely gift book for anyone who is into illustration, nature, birds, art or any of Matt Sewell’s other work, and will hopefully delight and amuse non-birdy-aware people as much as those who are more ornithologically inclined. I also hope that it’ll get people noticing the everyday birds around them more and that can only be a good thing for their conservation."

You can grab a copy today from here.


Unknown said...

What a lovely bird book. Matt Sewell's watercolors are just wonderful. I'm glad the review explained what the book is for because it seems like you'd ruin it if you started writing in it or taking notes in it.

Garden sheds Melbourne said...

Wow! That was a cool list. I am really glad for sharing this post. I would like that book. I have a lot of bird visitors in the garden and it would really be fun to identify them. Cool page!