Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinterest Picks

{Owl art made with maps - viaAsos - owl belt, Owl Nail Art - viaUrban Outfitters - Owl hook, Abigail Edwards - Owl Wallpaper, Freshy Fig - Gold Owls Pendant Necklace, Owl Keepsake Box - via}

Lately, I am gravitated towards the metallic gold and keep seeing so many wonderful owls being added on Pinterest. So today I thought I'd put together a post using some of the pins to share with you. Come join the "gold rush" by adding your pin to any of these owl boards. I hope these owls perk up your day too!


DaughterEarth said...

Think u would like this print by Meg Hunt:

DaughterEarth said...

Thought you would like this print by Meg Hunt:

Anna said...

Do you like felt owls? :) Please, visit owlish fanpage FB :) It's all i Polish but it doesn't matter, believe me :)