Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother Owl Love Stationery & Giftwrap Set

To celebrate Mother’s Day this lovely 2012, My Owl Barn teams up with Jinjerup to create the special edition: Mother Owl Love Giftwrap & Stationery Set. The set features cute loving owls in shades of pink with adorable polka dots that will make giftwrapping and writing your Mother’s Day cards so much fun! If you & your mum are fans of owls, this is a must-have set to download, and as you’ve guessed it, this awesome set is FREE!! :)

This mother’s day owl freebie set comes in two parts:
1) Mother Owl Love Giftwrap Set
This set contains mini giftwrap & 3 gift tags and is available for download from here.

2) Mother Owl Love Stationery Set
This set contains 2 note cards & an envelope and is available for download via Jinjerup Blog.


PDF file Info:
1) The PDF Files are formatted to letter sized: 11"x 8.5".
2) Open & print PDF files in FREE Adobe Reader software. 
3) Your screen & printer’s printout colors will look slightly different from the printed PDF files.
4) Some photos of the Mother Owl Love set show the gift tag having slightly scalloped/patterned edges, this patterned/scalloped effect is made by using a craft scissors after cutting out the gifttags from the printed PDF file. The actual cutting lines/outlines of the gifttag are straight lines.

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