Monday, April 16, 2012

Nguyen Le of Knit Knit

New York based artist Nguyen Le and the owner of an online store Knit Knit makes beautiful  knitted, felted, and embroidered jewelry. Her hand embroidered tiny pendants from her 'Power Animal Series' are delicate and impeccably detailed.

A little bit about her process: "I'll sketch an animal in my notebook to get a feel for the lines and stitches that I'll need to make. I use a little fabric chalk to make a very rough outline of the animal, and because the animals are so small, I can't make detailed chalk lines, so I eyeball the rest. Each pendant is unique, and will never be exactly like any other".

There are several one-of-a-kind designs in her store including owl, sheep, fox, rabbit, polar bear and more. You can find all of them and buy them from here.


bridget anne said...

these are perfect! so delicate & sweet. i'm partial to the deer...i especially love the one with the little bow. but the rabbits are awfully cute too.