Thursday, March 22, 2012

Magda Boreysza: Fox and Comet

owl-plate2 owl-plate1 owl-plate3

owl-plate4 owl-plate5

Magda Boreysza is a freelance artist currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. She graduated from The Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 with the a first class degree in visual communication. Her blog - Fox and Comet - had a recent update on these delightful ceramic plates featuring hand painted animal portraits. Some of the plates are available in her store and the owl plates can be purchased  from The Red Door Gallery.  

owl-plate7 owl-plate9
She is also a comic artist and makes incredible murals. Take a peek at her portfolio here.


Kiss Nemeskéri Zs. said...

so wonderful! a fabulous ♥

Muffinella said...

I love these!!! Cute animal illustrations are so adorable, I could buy one right away!