Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Owlsome Deal - Sleepy Owl Drinking Glass


Regular price: $13.99
Owlsome deal price: $10.00

Adrienne Looman has been creating artwork for over 10 years. Her work has been awarded with many established awards in the industry and has been published in many popular magazines.

When she got married, she made a decision to quit her full time job as a graphic designer to be with her husband. Her husband is a trucker who spent days away from home sometimes for weeks together. Now she does "everything: website, shops, sending orders, galleries, and marketing all from the passenger seat of his truck" to make a living without having to live away from her husband.

Adrienne has offered this Sleepy Owl drinking glass for the Owlsome Deal. The owl glass sells for $13.99 in her online store but for My Owl Barn readers it's for only $10! The offer is valid for a limited time only exclusively through My Owl Barn blog. To purchase this adorable owl glass at the discounted price click the "Add to Cart" below. 

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This deal is only available till 02/21/2012 10:30AM MST 
The deal can end earlier, if the product gets sold out.

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- This Owlsome Deal is available in the US.

- If you have any pre-purchase enquiries or questions about your purchase. Please email at adrienloom@aol.com.

-The owl drinking glass will be shipped from Cafe Press. You can read more on their shipping info and return policy at Cafepress.com.

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coquine1635 said...

so sad it's not for Canada the mug was already in my favorite on etsy!