Thursday, February 2, 2012

Macrame Owl with a Heart





I love macrame owls! I keep seeing the vintage ones in the second hand stores and craft fairs but I have never bought one for myself. May be it's time that I should. I find this little guy just adorable! It's made with white cotton thread, has wooden beads for eyes and a hand felted heart.Cute! I am thinking, a perfect gift for my valentine so I can have it later ;) Available here.

Do you know how to macrame or own anything macrame?


Beth said...

I just ordered an old pattern booklet that looks just like this. Love this! Your site as made owl fanatics out of my sis and I. :)

Annika said...

I've been making teeny tiny macrame owl earrings for quite a few years. They usually get a laugh from people who recognize them.

JessJezzz said...

I own a big macrame owl wall hanging that has sheep's wool on the body and for the tail - it's amazing! If you find a pattern(s), please post!