Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Forest Dwellers: Lydia Kasumi





Lydia Kasumi is an illustrator and installation artist living in London who graduated from University of Gloucestershire in 2010. Her 3D paper models are often inspired by geometric shapes and nature.

"My work encompasses my love of detail and colour and covers a wide range of creative disciplines. I am constantly exploring, always challenging, perennially happy; painting, drawing, making."

Forest Dwellers is an exploratory set design in collaboration with Castro Smith. I am swooning over her detailed and intricate work on the owl model. Her colorful and whimsical pieces are truly a feast for the eyes.


Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

I just adore these!

Kiss Nemeskéri Zs. said...

Intimate! ♡♥

jonahliza said...

what a cool piece. all the colors inspiring. and those garlands are amazing. i wanna make some for my wedding!